Because we are aware there is a lot of uncertainty due to Covid-19, we can now offer remote audits. Get in touch with us via our quote form and we can discuss remote auditing if you require.

First Step to Certification

Following your initial enquiry, we will send you one of our application forms to be completed and returned to us in your own time. Once returned one of our team will review your information and provide you with a free no-obligation Quotation if we are able to meet your needs. There are no payable fees until you accept our Quotation and return the signed contract which explains all you need to know about the terms and conditions for audit and certification. Once you have returned the signed contract, we will contact you to start the certification process and agree dates for the Stage 1 Audit to commence.

Stage 1 Audit

The stage 1 audit provides us with a clear focus for planning the Main on-site Stage 2 Audit. Your auditor will review your management system and recorded documentation. We will let you know of any missing or non-conforming detail and we will give you a fair opportunity to implement any corrective action before we move on to the next step (Stage 2).

Once Stage 1 is complete you will have informed us of what you do, how you are going to do it and what documents and records you are going to use to help you to support and implement your Management System(s). This will all be documented within the Stage 1 audit report and an audit programme will then be produced. Now it’s over to you to prove that you are doing exactly what your Management System says you are doing. This will be checked in the Stage 2 audit.

Stage 2 Audit

This on site assessment allows us to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of your chosen Management System(s). Throughout the audit, your auditor will verify that you are managing the processes & procedures in line with your business activity as effectively as is possible and meeting the requirements for certification to the standard(s).

All results and findings will be openly and transparently discussed and reviewed with the relevant people in your organisation.

To conclude, your auditor will discuss the findings of the audit during the closing meting. Should there be any corrective actions arising from the audit, we will discuss them with you and agree a plan of action. Once the auditor is happy that all audit objectives have been satisfied, then the audit report and any recommendation is put forward to the SNR Certification (UK) Ltd Certification Manager, who will ultimately make the final decision.

Certification Decision

The Certification Manager will impartially review your application and all evidence submitted by the Auditor. Once a positive decision has been made you will then be issued a certificate package. Thereafter, your clients, prospective clients or interested parties can enquire at anytime to confirm the validity of your certificate.

Surveillance Audits

Your Certificate will be valid for three years. However, continued certification is subject to continued management and maintenance of your system.

To support you with this we will arrange a programme of regular surveillance audits, which are normally carried out on an annual basis, subject to the size of your company or organisation and the amount of sites you operate from.

We will contact you approximately four months prior to the surveillance audit due date to check the information we hold on record (your application) is up to date and then make arrangements with you to visit and carry out your surveillance audit. Once the surveillance audit has been completed the report and supporting evidence will once again be reviewed by the Certification Manager and if warranted, Certification shall continue.


After Initial Certification we will fully re-assess your management system(s) every 3 years. This is called a re-certification audit. The re-certification audit involves a full re-assessment of your management system(s).

time to renew

Once again the Certification Manager will review the Audit evidence presented and if warranted, you will be issued a new certificate for a further three years. Again, we will fully support you to verify on an ongoing basis through a programme of surveillance audits.

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